Click on the images below for a "walk-through" of our brand new

"Bible abc" CD for Children.

Please note: All images used are quarter size, low quality samples especially for the web

This is the CD's main screen. From here you can navigate to any area by pressing any one of the buttons.

We will show the next level of window : click on the image.


acd_main.jpg (65238 bytes)


When running the CD:

Clicking on the Images or the alphabet letters, will sound "Angel", "A" , "apple" or "a". Only high quality audio is used.

The blocks will activate:

Music or Bible scriptures,

Bible stories (with text and full quality sound)

Alphabet Animation which show  HOW   to draw the letters while reinforcing the sounds. The animations also contain surprises to keep the kids interested.

The surprise box contains video with funny narration. They are really cute  show different animals, fish, and birds. They also teach left and right, d and b, music scale etc.

acd_a.jpg (19013 bytes)


Each letter of the alphabet contains a full set of activities: Music/Scripture, Bible Story, Animated Alphabet and Surprise.

The bottom section allows easy navigation between screens or direct back to the main ABC screen.

The images chosen to represent the letters of the alphabet were carefully chosen after much research and investigation.


acd_z.jpg (17685 bytes)


When selecting and the Bible stories, the text, and the pictures, every effort has been made to present the Gospel truthfully to the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we lifted the stories from of the pages of the God's Holy Bible and condensed the stories into 4 or so pictures, we run the risk of misinterpretation of the Word by using our own wording. There is also a risk when condensing a very involved story into so small a space. We therefor encourage parents and children through the stories to trust only in God's Word, the BIBLE. Despite our efforts, prayers and diligence, we are fallible, but God's Word is not.

acd_ark.jpg (40724 bytes)



Download demo for animation of letter "h" (.zip format for 95/NT) (1,15mb)

Remember: this is a quarter size, low quality representation of a single frame for the web.

In the animation of the letter, the letter is filled with color as the shape is drawn. pencil are used to show kids when to lift up their pens and where to continue from.

Children easily recognize letters and numbers, but learn to draw the shapes incorrectly. They then have to re-learn the letters once they start school. These animations are designed to address this problem.

We have also included interesting and funny events during and after the animations to keep the children interested.

acd_kdraw.jpg (5073 bytes)


Each letter of the alphabet includes a Surprise box that contains a big size, good quality video or an animation. They have been designed for kids and contain video lots of animals e.g. Lion cubs, giraffes, monkeys, fish, sharks, cats. seals, dolphins etc. They also have animations to teach left and right, b and d, doh, ray me, and many other things that kids struggle to remember. These have been designed for and tested on kids prior to inclusion on the CD. acd_duck.jpg (21171 bytes)


What would a kid's CD be without colors? Due to the problems with representing colors on computer screens, we have stayed with the basic colors. acd_color.jpg (27635 bytes)


We have also included a section with animations of the numbers, one to ten.




acd_num.jpg (5135 bytes)



Platform:            Windows 95/98/NT




acd_computer.jpg (6985 bytes)

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4 speed CD ROM

Sound Card


Graphics Card with 800x600 and more than 256 colors e.g. 16bit high color or 64k colors.


Pentium 100


8 speed CD ROM+

The rest is the same as the minimum requirements.