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New Stuff

We have put some of our newer songs on the collaborative Broadjam website and have had a few top-ten ratings - just for fun, but mainly to spread the good news.

Child of the Cross website


FREE Music CD Project - 2005

We have a new demo area for our 2005, Touch of Fire music project. You can download our free demo CD, "Walk this way".

To download the full, free MP3 CD, click here. (opens in new window).

Older content

Our own songs can be copied and shared without charge. There are 2 formats used for our own songs: 

1. Songs in Flash format for playing over the web (lower quality 48kbit files under 1MB including visuals of lyrics), and 

2. Higher quality (128kbps) MP3 recordings for download.

Many of the songs are just a single instrument and vocals. I guess you could call them unplugged demos. When we get time....


Polycarp (A.D. 155),
A pupil of the apostle John. In the persecution ordered by the Roman Emperor he was arrested and brought before the Governor, and when offered his freedom if he would curse Christ, he replied "Eighty six years have I served Christ and He has done me nothing but good; how then could I curse Him, my Lord and Savior? " He was burned alive. Get the story and hear the chorus here.


 Brother Tim Arant 

(at the baby grand at family camp  in Ohio, August 2000.)

Hear why I love this brother and his music.

Download his song here (1.3MB mp3)

Email Tim

Keep watching this space, and pray that the Lord will help us get these wonderful songs recorded and shared.

Baptism Song "More than gold" : see free CD link in left frame.

On evening before the baptism of our 10 year old daughter, the Lord gave me this song. Surely there is nothing sweeter than the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. See Acts 2:38, 8:16 & 19:5. Have you been baptized in His wonderful name?

Pssst...also for my sister Pam from Scotland who was baptized at family camp a few weeks ago and got me to record the song so that she could learn it!


Why our own stuff? 

There's a ton of superb Gospel music and artists out there. We still like to write some original music as we get inspired. It's great blessing, as well as an offering.

Our own songs in the left frame are free for download and distribution, (that's another reason). Our favorite section is the Scripture section...the lyrics are better...who can beat the "Word" for words.

Songs by "Friends" have copyright, but are free for download and personal use.