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The name of this merry band of musicians is....Touch of Fire (ToF) and the virtual album is called Walk this Way. May the Lord Jesus bless you as you listen. For any questions write to us.


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Artist/Band: Touch of Fire

Virtual Album: Walk this way


Track Title & Download link Time Composer  Size Credits
1 Friends 2:49 Frank Naude 2.6Mb Frank Naude (lead vocal & arrangement), John Mason (Keyboards), Philip John (bass)
2 You take my breath away 3:46 Ryan Govender/Frank Naude 3.5Mb Ryan Govender (lead vocals), Frank Naude (background vocals & arrangement), John Mason (keyboards), Philip John (bass)
3 I know it's so 2:58 Frank Naude 2.8Mb Frank Naude (lead vocal & arrangement)
4 You oh Lord - Medley 3:40 Frank Naude 3.5Mb Frank Naude (lead vocal & arrangement)
5 I will never leave you 4:04 Ryan Govender/Frank Naude 3.8Mb Ryan Govender (lead vocals); Frank Naude (background vocals & arrangement)
6 Let me never go back 2:38 Frank Naude 2.5Mb Frank Naude (lead vocal & arrangement)
7 Come to me 3:12 Frank Naude 3.0Mb Frank Naude (lead vocal & arrangement), George Cilliers  (arrangement)
8 Acts 2:38 1:09 Frank Naude (music) 1.1Mb Frank Naude (lead vocal & arrangement)
9 More than gold 2:18 Frank Naude 2.2Mb Frank Naude (lead vocal), George Cilliers and Frank Naude (arrangement)