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Ahab was a King of Israel who married a very evil woman called Jezebel. She led the King and most of the people of Israel away from God to worship an idol, called Baal. She also had many of God's prophets killed.

God sent His prophet Elijah to King Ahab. Elijah told the King to have the people of Israel and the false prophets of Baal gather on Mount Carmel. Elijah and the false prophets would each prepare to sacrifice a young bull to their own god. The false prophets would pray to Baal and Elijah would pray to the Lord God. The god who could send fire down from heaven to light the fire on the altar would be the true God. Everyone was agreed.

The false prophets prayed for Baal to send fire but no fire came. Elijah told them to shout louder. He said maybe Baal was busy or sleeping. They cried out and cut themselves, but no fire came.

At evening time, Elijah called the people while he repaired and finished building the Lord's altar. Three times he told the people to pour water on the wood and the sacrifice. Elijah prayed to the Lord and suddenly, God sent down fire from Heaven. The fire burnt up the offering, the altar, and the water.

When the people saw it, they fell on their faces and said "The Lord, He is the one true God". Elijah had all the false prophets taken away and killed.