Kids' Bible Stories


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In this world, many people are sick, hungry, worried and unhappy. This is what the Devil likes. Have you noticed how the Devil loves to make mommies and daddies fight and make their children sad? God didn't make the world this way. We have allowed the Devil to trick us into believing him, instead of God who loves us. God is fed up with the Devil. The time is coming when the Lord God will throw the Devil and his followers, into the lake of fire.

Our Father in Heaven knows that we sometimes do the wrong things, but because He loves us so much, He gave us His Son, Jesus Christ, to wash all our sins away. God loves us. God doesn't want to punish us the way He'll punish the Devil and all his followers.

God wants to take us to Heaven with Him. The Bible says that killers, witches, liars and others, who won't accept Jesus as Savior, cannot go to Heaven. God wants to save us and help us to live His way and not the Devil's way. All we have to do is believe that the Lord Jesus took all our sins away and ask God to make us real Bible-believing Christians.

If we follow God, He will take us to live with Him in the most wonderful place called Heaven. In Heaven the Devil will no longer bother God's people. The Bible says that in Heaven, there will be no more crying, no more dying and no more sadness and no more pain. Right now, Jesus is preparing a place in Heaven for all who will invite Him to be both Lord and Savior.