Kids' Bible Stories

King Solomon

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When David died, his son Solomon became the third King of Israel. God appeared to Solomon in a dream and asked him what he most wanted God to give him. Solomon asked God to help him understand what was right and what was wrong. God was pleased with his answer and made Solomon the wisest man in the whole world.

There were two women in Jerusalem who went to see the King with a big problem. Each woman had a baby but during the night one of the babies died. The mother of the dead baby, very quietly, changed her dead child for the other woman's baby.

The woman whose child was stolen told the King that when she wanted to feed her baby she found that it was dead. Then she saw that the dead baby was not her child. Each woman said the baby was hers. King Solomon had to find out who the real mother of the living baby was. Wise King Solomon did a very strange thing. He told a soldier to cut the living baby in half so each woman could have part of the baby. The real mother pleaded for the King not to hurt the baby but rather give it to the other woman.

But the other woman agreed to have the baby cut in half. Now who do you think was the real mother? With Godly wisdom the answer is easy. Solomon gave the baby to the woman who was prepared to give it away to save its life.