Kids' Bible Stories

Lion's Den

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Daniel was a faithful man of God. He was a president in the kingdom of King Darius. The other leaders and princes were jealous of Daniel and wanted to cause trouble for him. They could not find anything wrong with Daniel so they got together and made an evil plan.

They went to King Darius and asked him to sign a new and unchangeable law. The law ruled that for thirty days everyone had to pray only to King Darius. Anyone found praying to any other god would be thrown into the lion's den.

Daniel's enemies knew he loved his God more than anything and that he always prayed with his windows open. They watched and waited until Daniel came to pray. When Daniel started praying, they went straight to the King and told him they had seen Daniel praying to his God.

The poor King was very sad but could not change his law. Daniel was thrown to the lions. King Darius could not sleep that night and rushed down to the lion's den very early the next morning. "Did your God save you Daniel?" he shouted.

"God sent an angel to shut the lions' mouths", replied Daniel. The King was very happy and had Daniel taken out of the lions' den. King Darius wrote letters to all the nations in the world and told them of the wonderful thing Daniel's God had done.