Kids' Bible Stories

Moses and the Red Sea

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For many years the Hebrew people suffered as slaves in Egypt. God heard their prayers. He sent a man called Moses to lead them out of Egypt to the promised land of Canaan. God performed many miracles but the Egyptians would not let the Hebrew slaves go. Then God punished Egypt with plagues until the Pharaoh allowed God's people to leave.

God led His people out of Egypt. He told them to follow a pillar of cloud in the day and pillar of fire at night. The Pharaoh soon changed his mind and sent his army to chase after God's people. The Hebrews were trapped at the Red Sea and could go no further.

The angel of God, with the pillar of fire, moved and came between the Hebrews and the Egyptian army. The night was dark for the Egyptians, but the Hebrews could see by the light of the Lord's fiery pillar.

When Moses stretched out his hand over the water, God made a very strong wind to blow. The water parted and a dry road appeared right through the middle of the sea. God's people began crossing the sea. The Egyptians were allowed to follow but God was in the pillar and prevented them from catching the Hebrew people. When all of God's people had safely passed through the sea, God allowed the water to rush back into place. The entire Egyptian army was drowned.

Moses and the people sang and praised the Lord God who delivered them from their enemy.