Kids' Bible Stories


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Naaman was the brave Captain of the Army of the king of Syria. He had a sickness called leprosy. A young slave girl from Israel told Naaman's wife about a prophet of God who lived in Samaria. She said the prophet would be able to heal Naaman. So, the King of Syria sent Naaman to Israel.

When Naaman arrived at the prophet Elisha's house, Elisha sent a servant out to meet him. Elisha's servant told Naaman he would be healed if he would go and wash in the river Jordan seven times. Naaman was very angry that Elisha did not come out and pray for him. Naaman also said that rivers in his country, Syria, were better than the river Jordan.

When they left Elisha's house, Naaman's servants persuaded their angry master to do as the prophet had said. Naaman washed in the Jordan river seven times and was completely healed. Naaman was very happy and went back to see Elisha. He told him that he now believed the God of Israel to be the only true God.

Can you see how Naaman had to do exactly what God's prophet told him to do so he could receive God's blessings? All of this happened because God sent a little servant girl to tell Naaman's wife about God and what He could do through His prophet Elisha.