Kids' Bible Stories

Under the blood

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A long time ago, the Israelites were slaves in the land of Egypt. The Egyptians made them work very hard and beat them, but God heard the cries of His people. God raised up a man called Moses to lead the slaves out of Egypt into the Promised Land, Israel. Pharaoh was the leader of Egypt at the time. He would not set the Hebrew slaves free.

Pharaoh's heart was hard, so God sent many plagues to fall on Egypt. God turned all their water into blood. He sent locusts to eat up their food. He sent millions of frogs and made the skies thick with flies, but still the Pharaoh would not listen to God's servant, Moses. Then God told Moses He would send the Angel of Death to take the firstborn of all the land of Egypt. The people who believed God would be kept safe. They had to kill a perfect lamb and put it's blood on the top and sides of the doorposts of their houses.

That evening they did as God commanded. Then they roasted the lamb and ate it with unleavened bread. The Jews were ready and waited for God's judgement. As promised, the Angel of Death visited all the houses that didn't have the lamb's blood on the doorposts. When the Pharaoh saw what had happened, he told the Israelites to leave Egypt.

All of this happened long before the birth of Jesus. You see God was showing that the Messiah, Jesus, would be the perfect lamb that would have to be killed to save us, the people of God. As he hung on the cross, His blood, which flowed from His wounds, gave us life instead of death. His blood washed away our sins. The Bible tells us if we believe in Jesus, we will also go to the promised land called Heaven. Here, in the wonderful presence of the almighty God, we will live happily forever and ever.