Kids' Bible Stories


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Today, there are many people who have a good job, their own house, a car, televisions and many other things. People today can go to school, college and university. We read, write and know a lot of things.

We can fly to the moon and beyond. Many people own expensive computers and some even have their own airplanes. With all these things, we have come to believe we are rich and don't really need God. The Bible warns us that the church, who are supposed to be God's people, will also think of itself as rich and in need of nothing. God tells us to be careful. In His eyes, the church will not be rich but will become wretched, poor, blind and naked.

God tells us we must start obeying Him and to follow Him alone. We mustn't look at other people and do what they do. To be true Christians, we must do what God tells us to do in His Word. People change. They change jobs, houses, cars, friends and even their husbands and wives! God is great. He loves us and wants the very best for us.

God does not change with every new fashion. He never changes. He is the only one we can always trust. God says he will never leave us. Remember, Jesus is our Lord, our friend and our brother who will always be at our side, if we let Him. That's why we must always remember to trust God and His Word alone, no matter what other people say.