Kids' Bible Stories

X - Cross

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Jesus could have saved Himself from the painful death on the cross. He could have easily destroyed all His enemies, but He didn't. You see, Jesus came to Earth so that we could be saved from sin, hell and the Devil. When Jesus was crucified on the cross, He accepted all the sins of all the people who would ever believe in Him.

The blood of Jesus is like a special soap. It washes our sins away and makes us clean. What would you think if your teacher found out you were telling lies, but didn't punish you? What would you say if instead, she told you that you were forgiven because your best friend took the blame and punishment for you? Wouldn't you be surprised and happy to know that you had a friend who loved you enough to take the blame for the things you did wrong?

Well children, Jesus did exactly that for you when He died on the cross. He took all the blame for your sins. Can you see how much Jesus loves you? Here's some more good news. When Jesus died, they placed His body in a tomb. The people who loved Jesus were very sad. On the third day, after Jesus was placed in the tomb, some of the women went to the tomb and found the huge stone door rolled away and the tomb empty. An angel told them the wonderful news that Jesus had risen and was alive.

Jesus allowed the disciples and many other people to see Him. Jesus wanted everyone to know that He rose from the dead and is alive even now. Jesus visited with the people for 40 days. Then, while His followers watched, He rose up to Heaven in a cloud. Jesus went to prepare a place in Heaven for each of us who believe in Him and follow Him.