Kids' Bible Stories


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God's people, who died before Jesus was crucified, could not go straight to Heaven. This is because their sins were only covered by the blood of an animal sacrifice. They needed the perfect blood of God to completely wash their sin away. So, until the Messiah came, they all waited in a place called Abraham's bosom. Adam, Abraham, Joseph, Esther, Elisha and all the others were waiting for the Messiah, Jesus, to come and pour out His blood. This sinless offering of Jesus' blood on the cross was so perfect that it would wash away their every sin. You see, even these wonderful, holy and famous people had to be completely clean from all sin before they could go to Heaven.


When Jesus died on the cross, he left his Earthly body and went to take the keys of Hell and Death from the Devil. From that very moment the Devil lost all his power over God's people.

Jesus went to the place called Abraham's bosom and freed all the righteous people who had died before Him. On the third day after Jesus was crucified, he came back to His tomb, entered His body and it became alive again. Jesus was showing us that when we die, He will make us alive again to live forever, in Heaven, with Him. Jesus wants to save us from Hell and the Devil but we have to believe in Him.

The Bible tells us the living Jesus was seen by more than five hundred people over forty days before He went up to Heaven. The dead saints that Jesus freed from Abraham's bosom were also seen alive in and around Jerusalem. Those Godly saints were on their way to Heaven and we will join them one day if we believe in Jesus.