Kids' Bible Stories


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In Jericho lived a man named Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus was the Chief Tax collector. Tax collectors were often hard on the people and were not well liked. Zacchaeus heard Jesus was coming to his town and he really wanted to see Him.

Zacchaeus had one big problem. He was a short, little man and with so many people crowding around Jesus, he would never be able to see the Lord. So, Zacchaeus looked to see which way Jesus was going. He ran ahead of the crowd and climbed a Sycamore tree. Here little Zacchaeus waited for Jesus to pass by. What a surprise he got when Jesus stopped and looked up into the tree and called his name.

Jesus told Zacchaeus to hurry down because He wanted to go to Zacchaeus' house. Zacchaeus was filled with joy as he came to Jesus. His heart had already been touched by the Lord. Some of the people complained to Jesus for going to the house of such a mean, nasty man. Jesus told them He had come to find and save the lost sinners, like Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus repented of all the bad things he had done and was saved from his sins. We must all remember that God knows our name too and that He died to save us, just as He saved Zacchaeus.