Kids Bible Quiz

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1. God told Abraham to build an Ark   yes   no
2. David wore King Saul's armor when he slew Goliath   yes   no
3. Shadrack, Meshack and Alfredo were thrown into the fiery furnace   yes   no
4. David was afraid of Goliath    yes   no
5. Everyone makes mistakes and sins    yes   no
6. In Noah's day, it rained for forty days and nights    yes   no
7. Balaam was a kind and honest man   yes   no
8. Moses and the Israelites drowned in the Red Sea    yes   no
9. Jesus baptized John    yes   no
10. God loves you more than anyone can     yes   no
11. Naaman had measels    yes   no
12. Haman caused Mordecai to be hung    yes   no
13. God hates sin    yes   no
14. Samson was a Philistine   yes   no
15. The lions attacked and ate Daniel    yes   no
16. Zacchaeus asked Jesus to come to his house    yes   no
17. King Solomon was wise because he had a big brain   yes   no
18. Jesus died on the cross for your sin    yes   no
19. Jesus rose from the dead and became alive again    yes   no
20. Jesus was born in Nazareth    yes   no
21. Miriam was the brother of Moses    yes   no
22. God want everyone to be saved and go to Heaven    yes   no
23. Many people will not go to Heaven    yes   no
24. Jonah was eaten by a shark    yes   no
25. An angel met and blinded Saul (Paul) on the way to Damascus    yes   no
26. Jesus cried because he could not make Lazarus come alive   yes   no
27. God wants us to love one another   yes   no
28. The blood of Jesus is the only thing that can wash us clean     yes   no
28. Jesus will come back to take all his children to Heaven    yes   no
30. God wants to change us and make us like Him   yes   no

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